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Electric container box

The structure will be self-supporting, monolithic, made of painted steel sheet. Tubular steel beams and corrugated sheets will be used, perfectly coupled, by means of a semi-automatic welding process. All welds will be made by licensed welders. The structure will be built for handling, with nr. 4 blocks of inferior angles and nr. 4 upper corner blocks. In the four corners and near the lifting points, uprights will be inserted in iron beams and press-bent sheet metal to guarantee the required resistance during the lifting phase. Moreover the container will be designed to have a high resistance to wind and earthquake. There will be a slot for the entry / exit of the cables of about 450x150 mm, whose position will be indicated by you at a later time.

The door frame will be made of steel sections and welded to the sub-frame fixed on the container structure; the same will have an opening towards the outside. The walls will be made of 1.5 mm thick metal sheet, sealed to the bottom and the roof. The perimeter of the roof will be built with steel profiles, the infill will be made with gregate sheets with a closed profile and will guarantee the drainage of rainwater. All structures and sheets will be continuously welded together and with the main structure. The insulation will be obtained by means of self-supporting sandwich panels with a total thickness of 30 mm, fixed with appropriate horizontal and vertical profiles in galvanized steel to the structures. The aforementioned panels will consist of internal and external 0.5 mm thick sheets and will have a core made of high density polyurethane

The base of the container will consist of a perimeter structure with UNP sections and intermediate beams made of press-bent with a “C” profile 4 mm thick. The bottom of the container will be made, starting from the outside towards the inside, by a sheet of 2 mm, an insulation layer and an internal sheet of 3 mm. The floor as described will be able to withstand a load of 15/20 quintals per square meter. In position to be agreed, appropriate supports will be welded to the bottom to fix the equipment; to allow the passage of internal cables will be prepared ducts. The structure will be painted, in the color you indicated, according to the C5-M painting system. The electrical continuity of the container structure will be ensured by inserting nr. 4 ground bolts, inserted in the four lower vertices of the box.

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