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Prefabricated substation DG 2081

DG 2081 - substations ENEL approved substations

MINIBOX TRANSFORMER ROOM, ENEL serial number DG2081 in vibrated reinforced concrete 2440 x 2100 x 2450mm housing MV equipment with an insulation voltage of 24 KV SF6, complete with interior and exterior painting, waterproofing, MV / LV doors, internal partitions and zinc-plated ventilation panels according to Specifications ENEL DG2081 DG and 10081, painted complying ENEL DY 991/7 coating system.

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The ENEL approved substations have the same characteristics of the monolithic ones, plus they have the ENEL approval. They are the following: DG 2061 (2440x4000x2600 mm), DG2081 (2440x2100x2450 mm), DG2062 (2440x3240 mm X2600), Torre (2500x2500x8000 mm). The roof is waterproofed with tar sheath, welded and painted with a silver bituminous paint. The natural ventilation of the cubicle is helped by ventilation windows to prevent condensation. The base is prefabricated and has a bathtub shape which allows the passage of the MV and LV cables inside the substation through suitable premade holes.

Photovoltaic wind system

Photovoltaic wind system

Eurostrutture provides wide-ranging solutions in the making of ENEL approved prefabricated substations for photovoltaic and wind systems

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The substation project displayed on this page is tentative and is intended only to be indicative, in fact the company invites you to consult it for specific project based on the prefabricated substation needs.

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