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Prefabricated substation 02/P

02/P - substations Modular panel substations

Prefabricated box in vibrated reinforced concrete. Dimensions 6000x4000xh2760 mm. This box is formed by ENEL compartment, doors, compartment doors to various measures.

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Formed by modular elements insulated with polystyrene and properly armed. These types, although requiring the assembly on site, have considerable advantage of being made of any size and in particular the panels can be customized with paints and finishes on request from patrons, and there is a wider flexibility in the choice of the layout design. Although it must be installed on site, the assembly is extremely easy and rapid. These are made in accordance with local regulations on manufactured goods in vibrated reinforced concrete: Law 1086/71 - DM 12/03/87 - Circular no. 31104 of 16/03/89 - 27/02/74 64 of the Act - Ministerial Decree 16/01/96. The projects are deposited in the Min. LLPP. The products are also compliant with CEI 11-1 and CEI EN 61330. Eurotstrutture also provides cable conduits for all types of installation and with dimensions and forms that reach even real box-shaped ducts for subservices. It is qualified supplier FS-ITALFERR.

Photovoltaic wind system

Photovoltaic wind system

Eurostrutture provides wide-ranging solutions in the making of ENEL approved prefabricated substations for photovoltaic and wind systems

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The substation project displayed on this page is tentative and is intended only to be indicative, in fact the company invites you to consult it for specific project based on the prefabricated substation needs.

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