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Prefabbricated substation: solar wind

Eurostrutture provides wide-ranging solutions in the making of E-distribuzione approved prefabricated substations for photovoltaic and wind systems, for the MV distribution system and designed for electrical boxs: parallel, inverter, MV transformer, electric meter, general device, interface protection and ancillary equipment.

Eurostruttures prefabricated substation is a solution designed to ensure access to internal components and inverters, favoring maintenance and repair. Eurostrutture works in partnership with several companies, and designs and manufactures photovoltaic systems and wind turbines.

A PV system prefabricated substation is designed to connect the system to the MV national grid, processing and delivering MV electricity. The photovoltaic system is the set of modules that convert sunlight into electricity. The outgoing power is converted into AC by the inverter in order to supply alternating current.

The MV prefabricated substation is built ensuring outwards protection through low flammability reinforced concrete elements, and refined internal walls against infiltrations. It is provided with resin doors with lock. Holes are in place to assure the passage of cables. The coverage is a waterproofing and protective coating. The prefabricated foundation consists of one or more tanks that collect the transformers oil.

The MV section of a photovoltaic system prefabricated substation is identical to any generation plant of equal power, an E-distribuzione MV prefabricated substation inverter. There are two substations, one for E-distribuzione measures and the other for the local MV customer that will act as an MV electrical box. The distribution of electricity in LV is carried out by a box containing all the equipment for command and protection of the electrical system.

In the inverter prefabricated substation there is a local inverter containing a conversion unit. The inverters are not provided with internal transformer, so the alternating voltage output will be that of the secondary transformer. When using the inverter with the internal transformer, there will be different sizes of inverter power panel. Each substation will have: a ventilation grid behind the inverter, an extractor fan placed on the ceiling of the substation, the resin door to allow air circulation and inverters above the frames.

The grounding system inside the E-distribuzione prefabricated substation is connected to the framework via connectors. There is a lighting system and a security lighting one. The cable trays are watertight even in the absence of cables equipped with all the necessary elements. The prefecture flange ensures an internal and external sealing to any spill of the transformer. The extractor fan is equipped with an anti-theft lock. Supplied with a technical manual.

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