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Service of Eurostrutture - Prefabricated substation services and shelter

Prefabricated substation in stock

Contact Eurostrutture srl on 0039 0823.82.12.39 or write to to request your prefabricated substation for the following new models, all ready for delivery: Dg 2061 ed. 5, Dg 2062, Dg 2081, monolithic prefabricated substations (one-piece), modular panels (user). Eurostrutture also has prefabricated substations used as Thracian models.

Prefabricated substation maintenance

Eurostrutture offers maintenance services of electrical substation on demand, giving aims to ensure high reliability and guarantee security to the substation, in construction and electrical. In the attached file, you define the basic operations for the maintenance of the MV / LV bearing in mind that the booths present a great diversity in their composition. For a quote please contact us.
Prefabricated substation maintenance download document

Rent a prefabricated substation

Eurostruttre srl offers a rental service and installation of prefabricated substation. For more information please contact our offices at the following address or by calling 0039 0823.82.12.39 indicating the power required and the rental period.

Prefabricated substation Adjustment

Eurostrutture offers the service in the event of adjustment of the electrical substation, i.e. reduce blackouts and functional improvement of the MV / LV prefabricated substation , ensuring a higher quality of the entire system. Please contact our office for a quote.

Eurostrutture foldout

Download the brochure in pdf format Eurostrutture and the card on the new electrical DG2061 ed.7, where you will find information about the company and all our products.

Eurostrutture foldout Eurostrutture foldout

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