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Prefabricated electrical transformer substation 14M

14M - Monolithic transformer

One-piece substation in vibrated reinforced concrete. 2480x6900x2660 mm, 2480x3500x2660 mm. E-distribuzione substation sizes, cab HV user, walk-user TR / BT.

Prefabricated electrical transformer substatione download 14M

14M A

Their length varies from 250 to 750 cm, their width and height are standard 250x260cm. They are made in vibrated reinforced concrete and packaged with high strength cement suitably reinforced with 7 cm thick walls. They are internally and externally treated with quartz plastic wall plaster that confers high resistance to atmospheric agents. The roof is waterproofed with tar sheath, welded and painted with silver bituminous paint. The natural ventilation of the cubicle is helped by ventilation windows to prevent condensation. The base is prefabricated and has a bathtub shape which allows the passage of the MV and LV cables inside the substation through suitable premade holes.

home | products | Monolithic transformer | 14M