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Prefabricated electrical transformer substation DK 5640

DK 5640 - HV Delivery substations

E-distribuzione / MEASURES 2480x4470x2660 mm SECOND DK5640

Prefabricated electrical transformer substatione download DK 5640

DK 5640 A

One piece substation which allows to establish a network in HV. This substation is generally divided in an E-distribuzione compartment for housing the power distributor’s electromechanical equipment and another compartment, intended for installation of the metering units. Its walls are 9 cm thick and the floor is 10 cm thick. The artifact, on request of the customer, can be equipped with a prefabricated monolithic tub, used as a passage for the entrance and the exit of the electrical cables. This type of substation is E-distribuzione DG 2092 and CEI 0-16 designed and built.

home | products | HV Delivery substations | DK 5640