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Prefabricated electrical transformer substation DG2061 ed.7

DG2061 ed.7 - E-distribuzione approved substations

2480 x 5710 x 2660 mm one piece substation in vibrated reinforced concrete, equipped with an E-distribuzione approved 2 shutter fiberglass door and two ventilation grids. Equipped with a prefabricated base.

Prefabricated electrical transformer substatione download DG2061 ed.7

DG2061 ed.7 A

The E-distribuzione approved substations have the same characteristics of the monolithic ones, plus they have the E-distribuzione approval. They are the following: DG 2061 (2440x4000x2600 mm), DG2081 (2440x2100x2450 mm), DG2062 (2440x3240 mm X2600), Torre (2500x2500x8000 mm). The roof is waterproofed with tar sheath, welded and painted with a silver bituminous paint. The natural ventilation of the cubicle is helped by ventilation windows to prevent condensation. The base is prefabricated and has a bathtub shape which allows the passage of the MV and LV cables inside the substation through suitable premade holes.

home | products | E-distribuzione approved substations | DG2061 ed.7